Live Nannochloropsis

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Live Marine Micro Algae The perfect food for Corals, Sponges, Rotifers, etc. Not concentrated!

Can be cultivated in 2 liter plastic drink bottles with slight aeration through rigid and silicone tubing.

You will need:

Pre-mixed Marine Salt water to Specific Gravity of: 1.015 - 1.023

  • Marine Salt Kent Marine, Tetra Marine Salt, other Container
  • 2 litre PET Bottle or an Air Lift Kreisel Tank 75L (to produce larger quantities)
  • other Air Line
  • Silicone/soft tubing 1 or 2 meters
  • depending on your needs Rigid Air Tube
  • Air Pump
  • A form of light - sun light, desk lamp, fluorescent tank light