Starter Grindalworms on Green Pad

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1 Pad £1.49 2 Pads £2.49 3 Pads £3.29 4 Pads £4.29

Grindalworms Starter on Green Pads

1 Pad £1.99 2 Pads £2.49 3 Pads £3.29 4 Pads £4.29

Whiteworms like cooler temperatures (55°F - 65°F or 13°C - 18°C)

Grindalworms can be kept at room temperature (20 to 25°Celsius are ideal)

  • Growing Grindalworms on Green Scrub Pads keeps the culture clean
  • There will be next to no infections with Mites and other pests because no compost is used
  • Feed with "Koelln Melt Flakes", flake fish food or soaked white bread
  • Whiteworms look very similar to Grindalworms.
  • The difference is the size: Grindals are much smaller than Whiteworms.
  • Downloadable/ printable Guide available under Guides & Downloads.