Whiteworms Culturing Kit

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Tasty treats for fish, newts, frogs & birds.


  • 1kg White worms on Compost
  • 3L Plastic Tub with Lid
  • 100g flake fish food

Whiteworms - Enchytraeus albidus

  • likes cooler temperatures (55°F - 65°F or 13°C - 18°C)

Whiteworms look very similar to Grindalworms.

The difference is the size. Grindals are smaller than Whiteworms.

You will need:

  • Fresh Compost
  • Water - to moisten the compost

Set up:

The worms can be cultivated in a plastic tub like a food storer with Lid.

The bigger and deeper the tub, the better the worms will unfold and grow.

Fill the food storer with compost. 5 - 7 cm will do, but more is better.

Leave at least 2-3cm breathing space at the top.

Some water storing crystals in the bottom can help against the culture drying out so fast.

This is especially handy, if you go on holidays. These can be obtained in your local Garden Center.

Place a flat piece of rock, wood or a glass plate on top, that covers most of the compost surface.

A glass plate is best, but hard to get. It lets you see the worms progress without having to touch the culture.

Placing the Lid will keep insects out. Drilling 1 or 2 holes in the lid and stuffing them with some cotton will keep the tub aerated.


White worms are prone to mite infestations. To get rid of mites slowly fill your container with cold water, not to disturb the compost too much.

The mites should float while the worms will sink. Now slowly tip the edge of the container to let the water off.

This will rid the culture of most of the mites, but some may remain hidden deeper in the compost.

So you will have to repeat a few times.

How to care for your culture of worms

  • Baby porridge (Kolln Melt Flakes), white bread, crispy morning rolls or Flake Fish Food is ideal
  • never feed so much that mould is building up If mould is building up, remove it immediately
  • Don't let them go hungry for too long either
  • Open the container at least every 2 days for a couple of minutes otherwise the culture might die
  • Don't let the compost dry out
  • When harvesting wash the worms in a net like the Hobby Artemia Net