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Tasty treats for larger fish, newts, frogs and more.

Whiteworms are a tasty treat that can be given to fish, newts, frogs and more.

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Whiteworms like cooler temperatures (55°F - 65°F or 13°C - 18°C)

Grindalworms can be kept at room temperature (20 to 25°Celsius are ideal)

Whiteworms look very similar to Grindalworms. The difference is the size. Grindals are smaller than Whiteworms.

Our whiteworms are delivered on compost and can be cultivated further by transferring the contents of the bag into a flat plastic container with lid.

  • Leave at least 1cm of space between the compost and the lid for the worms to breathe.
  • Place a flat rock or a piece of wood on top of the compost for the worms to gather under.
  • Feed with our melt flakes or soaked and mashed crispy rolls with flake fish food through the mash.
  • Place the mashed food under the rock or wood.

The reproduction circle for a new culture can take up to a week and a half. Check on their progress frequently and when enough whiteworms have gathered under the rock or wood you can start feeding your fish.

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