Hagen Marina LED Light Set White

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  • Description

Marina Micro LED light is a fast and convenient way to add decorative highlights to your small aquarium. It also serves as a practical night light.

  • White single light with Transformer/ Adaptor

Available to purchase seperately:

  • LED HUB & Transformer
  • Single Lights in WHITE, BLUE, GREEN, RED for use with the Hub
  • The transformer is also included with the HUB
  • Includes 6 ft electrical cord
  • For Betta Kits, Goldfish Kits & Small Pals Pen


  • Inside and outside the tank with the suction cups provided
  • The lights are water tight but can get dirty under water and need cleaning
  • Best is outside the tank - the lights don't get sludgy
  • The angle at which the lights shine, can be adjusted