Dry Active Bakers Yeast 14g

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Food for Copepods and Daphnia

Dry Active Baker's Yeast - Double 2 x 7g Alison's bakers yeast or similar!

Yeast can be fed to copepods and Daphnia.

The yeast is dissolved in a jug or cup with 3 or more tablespoons of water.

It takes a bit of practice finding the right amount of yeast to use.

Leave the mixture to stand for a few minutes for the yeast to start working.

The water should be slightly milky looking. It is advisable to have a spare container to hand in case of overfeeding.

Simply transfer part of the culture, that has been over fed, to the spare container and fill more water into both until the water is clearer.

Store the yeast in it's packaging in a small air tight container after opening!