Daphnia, 100ml bag

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Live Water Fleas

Perfect for most sizes of fish and some amphibians like larger Axolotls.

They are either Daphnia Pulex or Daphnia Magna. What ever we have available.

These Daphnia can be kept in 2 L plastic bottles or any glass/ plastic container with a wide opening.

Food storers or small fish tanks without filtration are best.

Daphnia feeds on live phytoplankton, Hobby LiquiZell (Artemia Food/ Instant Algae Food), Dry Active Yeast and cleaning bacteria in the left behinds of snails and Tubifex.

Also available are Daphnia Grow it yourself Kits and "How to grow your own Guide".

Daphnia can be sensitive to water changes. To prevent them from dying: fill contents of the bag into a separate container leave to stand for 15 minutes give first feeding of around 50ml phytoplankton or 5 drops of Hobby LiquiZell add around 100ml of aged tank or tap water every few hours until almost full