Tubifex, drained on Egg Tray

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125g or 500g of live Tubifex drained on egg tray. 

Live Tubifex worms, from aquaculture

The worms are drained of water

  • send on an egg tray
  • up to 500g per tray.
  • They have to be washed off the trays & put back in water.
  • Tubifex stay fresh for up to 14 days, if kept in the fridge with regular water changes.
  • Even longer with regular water changes and some food like a few crumbs of white bread, flake fish food or our Kolln Melt Flakes.

Set up & Care:

  • Tubifex can be kept in the fridge on a 3 to 5cm high tray, covered with water


  • change the water every day

Please note:

We order from our Supplier on a Tuesday before 16.00pm for the Tubifex to come in every Friday, usually for same day shipping. Orders will arrive at your door on Saturday. Next day delivery is the only option for bulk Tubifex, due to their short shelve live. That's why we can only order as much as has been ordered by you before 15.30pm on a Tuesday, especially in warm weather.

Any orders placed after that time will roll over to the following week. Apologies for any inconvenience this causes.