Tubifex, 100ml bag

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Live worms from aquaculture 100ml bag

100ml bag Live worms from aquaculture.

Tubifex stay fresh for up to 14 days, if kept in the fridge with regular water changes.

Even longer with regular water changes and some food like a few crumbs of white bread, flake fish food or our Kolln Melt Flakes.

Set up & Care:

Tubifex can be cultivated in a small aerated tank or other at least 10cm high container filled with fine white aquarium sand or Sponge.

At least 3 cm of water, but more is better. Feed them with flake fish foods or baby porridge like our Kolln Melt Flakes.

Alternatively, white bread will do as well. All the hard parts of the corn in the baby porridge or flake food have been removed. It makes it easier for the worms to digest and it reduces the times you'll have to clean the tank.


If you don't keep Tubifex and Daphnia together you can install a sponge filter to help you reduce the times the culture needs siphoning out. You may not need aeration if using a filter. The water output should be enough.

Please note: Our Tubifex is harvested fresh and may still contain some sand/ residue.