Ocean Nutrition Frozen Spirulina Formula 100g

Ocean Nutrition
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A unique omnivore diet. This very special mix of ingredients make this diet highly consumable by all tropical fish, supplying a great source of energy and nutrients.

A rich formula based on Spirulina, a nutritious blue-green algae that helps promte health, vibrant color and has a high protein content

Contains fresh seafood to enhance palatability

Benefits all tropical fish, especially those feeding on algae as part of their natural diet.

With extra Spirulina, sea lettuce, marine micro-algae and seaweed to please the more herbivorous marine tropical fish

Contains fresh seafood (Artemia, fish fillets, squid, mussels) to enhance palatability, garlic, minerals and vitamins for superior nutrition

Improves colouration & will help maintain health and vitality.

Ideal in combination with Ocean Nutrition Spirulina Flakes