ocean nutrition frozen formula two 100g

Ocean Nutrition Frozen Formula Two 100g

Ocean Nutrition
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A special blend of algae and fresh seafood formulated to exceed the nutritional needs of all herbivorous marine and freshwater fish. Excellent for herbivores and omnivores. Disperses into small particles.

Small gel bound bite-sized pieces (typical 0.5 to 2 mm) for rapid delivery.
Helps support coloration and vitality in fish
Developed by aquaculture biologists to replace a natural coral reef diet.

An exquisite blend, specially formulated for carnivorous/omnivorous marine tropical fish • Contains garlic, fresh fish fillets, marine shrimp, seaweed, sea lettuce, mussels, spirulina vitamins... • Improves colouration and will help to maintain health and vitality.• Ideal in combination with Ocean Nutrition Formula Two Marine Pellets and Flakes.