Live River Shrimp

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Live Feeder Shrimp for larger marine and freshwater fish.

Live River Shrimp/ Feeder Shrimp - Bulk Buy

Suitable for larger marine & freshwater fish that love a crunch!

  • including Lion fish, Frog-fish, Groupers and other predatory fish.

These are low saltwater Shrimps. Please follow the care instructions below.

Not for human consumption!!!!!

Available are small and large quantities:

1 bag 150 - 300 shrimps

There will always be some losses.

River Shrimps are delivered to us only on a Friday, ready for Collection or next day delivery.

These shrimps don't take well to travel and will not make it in the post for more than a day.

Sorry for any delays this may cause for orders later in the week, but we sell out very fast. We list more shrimps in the middle of the week, so that we know how much we need to restock for the coming week.

Our suppliers can stock different species of these shrimps, depending on were they were caught. Differences in colour and body size are possible.

Returns for Live Fish Foods are not accepted.

Care for your shrimps:

Please put these shrimp into suitably large holding tanks straight away, after receipt. A 100L tank, 30 - 40cm high, may hold 2 bags. Best is to put rocks or large caves in for them to cling to. This increases the space and you may be able to fit 3 bags in. But the more space they have to swim, the happier they'll be.

They will need air urgently. When opening the bag, the shrimp will be in a sort of trance and not moving much. But once you add fresh brack water, they will wake up rather quick. These shrimps need constant water movement by sponge filter or air line, otherwise they will not be comfortable.

The filter output should be level or a bit above the water surface, so that the resulting water current can carry oxygen into the water. Without the water current an oxygen shortage can occur, which will kill the shrimps. You will notice uncomfortability or oxygen shortage when the shrimps are jumping out of the water and sticking to the tank wall, above water.

Specific Gravity should be between 1.006 and 1.015, brackish water.

Feed with flake fish food and pellets. The shrimps can be kept in brackish, low salinity community tanks as cleaners (as stated above), but only with smaller species of fish, that do not eat shrimps.

Do not forget the filter or air stone.

Weather issues:

The shrimps are shipped with cool packs to keep them in stasis.

If temperatures are too hot or too cold, we reserve the right not to ship your order, when its unlikely the shrimps will survive. This includes Next Day Delivery. You will be informed by e-mail, if we can't ship.

By insisting on us shipping your order during such conditions, you take all risk. If your cultures spoil during transit, no refunds or replacements will be send.

Available shipping options are: UK: These shrimps do not survive very long in the bags thats why we only ship them Next Day Saturday Guarantee or Collection. See our address under Contact Us to arrange a Collection!

International Postage: Sorry, we can't ship these shrimp abroad. They will not make it.