Paramecium Caudatum

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Paramecium Caudatum An excellent first food for freshly hatched baby fish.

Paramecia are a group of unicellular ciliate protozoa. Tiny white bacteria, that are still big enough to see without microscope or magnifying glass. They are an excellent first food for very small freshly hatched, fragile fish because they are only about 30% the size of Artemia-nauplia. Paramecia stimulate the natural hunting instincts of your fish and greatly increase fish survival in the first week of their live. Feed with a 2 drops of milk or a few crumbs of dry active yeast.

Very tiny fry - Fight Fish, Killi Fish: Paramecia (First week) Artemia Nauplia (Second Week) Microworms (3rd week) Choped Tubifex/ Grindalworms Medium Fry Artemia Nauplia Microworms Choped Tubifex/ Grindalworms 

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Not just Fish Food: Paramecia are perfect live specimen in the education industry. Back in the day paramecia were grown from scratch in biology classes and in labs to study their movements, feeding habits, light sensitivity and other behavior.

We had an order for a BBC science department shoot in London.

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