Live Baby Brine Shrimp/ Artemia Nauplia 150ml

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Small live food to feed marine fish & corals and tropical freshwater fish.

Baby Brine Shrimp/ Artemia Nauplia are essential to breeding marine and tropical fresh water fish. Live marine algae is best, if you want to grow them to full size.

We fit as many nauplia into our bags as possible. They are filled up the night before shipping for freshness! Our Artemia Nauplia are hatched to order so they are shipped at their smallest size. That means a few hours to 1 day after hatching. After that time the nauplia have started to grow.

It can take up to 3 days to ship your Artemia due to the hatching process. If the Artemia Nauplia appear to be out of stock, please contact us by email. 

Please note if you choose NEXT DAY SHIPPING: Due to the hatching process your live food will be shipped after it has hatched . Thank you for your understanding.