Live Marine Copepod Grow Kit

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Most marine fish don't take flakes or pellets and are dependant on live foods. Thats why its so important to have certain live foods like marine copepods to hand.

  • Live Marine Copepods 500ml
  • Hobby LiquiZell 50ml
  • Single Hobby Artemia Net, Fine Mesh
  • 150g marine salt
  • 2L plastic bucket 

Set up:

  • Rinse the bucket in cold water (no soap or chemicals)
  • Mix the marine salt with 1.5L freshwater in the bucket, stirring until the salt is dissolved
  • add some marine water conditioner (optional)
  • add the copepods and 4 drops of the Hobby LiquiZell

These copepods are very hardy - the fresh marine water can be used straight away.

Care for your Copepods:

  • Feed the copepods every 2 days with 4 drops of Hobby LiquiZell
  • Increase the dosage to 6 drops when culture growth is noticeable
  • Refill culture with fresh water if condensation occurs / water level going down
  • Water changes are not usually needed, but sludge will build up
  • To remove sludge, take 1L of water out of the tank
  • Then pour the rest of the water/ copepods through the sieve into another bucket
  • Put the copepods into 1L of water and let the water in the bucket settle
  • Pour or siphon the water back into the 2L culturing bucket slowly, keeping the sludge back
  • Harvest the copepods with the net and feed to your fish as much as they can eat within 3 to 5 minutes.