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Food for small fish and tiny reptiles.

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Not shipped to the Channel Islands, some Scottish Islands,

or outside the EU. The live stock will be destroyed by Customs!

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Species Folsomia or Collembola

Tub on compost, with air space. Springtails (only 1-2 mm) are a popular food for young fish and tiny reptiles.

Springtails are kept on compost or clay granules in tightly shut containers like food storers because these little fellas can jump.

They are fed with a few crumbs of oats, bread, yeast or flake fish food. Keep the compost/granules moist at all times, this will moisten the food just right as well. Using a water spray can found in your local gardening centre is good to mist the compost/ granules. 

They like to hide and feed under small flat rocks, so put 1 or 2 in your container.

Harvest: Simply pick the stone up, hold it over a tray and shake it over your tank. Gently bang the tray and stone together a few times. You will notice, they can walk on water, too!

For Reptiles we recomment shaking them into a deep plastic container with lid and put them in the fridge for 30mins to an 1 hour. This will slow them down enough so your reptiles can pick them up without running around mad.

Spring Tails sold here are mostly white/light yellow in colour but can be mixed with their larger brown and silver coloured cousins.

These tiny creatures come in a variety of colours and sizes and can be kept together with Grindal / Whiteworms.