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Welcome to Moniques Live Fish Foods!

We supply most live foods for fish and fish breeding, amphibians, marines and other aquatic live.

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Not just Fish Food: Most of our Live Cultures are also perfect for Education Projects.

Special Offers
Starter Culture Whiteworms

Starter Culture Whiteworms£1.99  -  £6.50  (4)

Whiteworms are tasty treats and can be given to larger fish, newts, frogs and more.

Live Baby Brine Shrimp/ Artemia Nauplia

Live Baby Brine Shrimp/ Artemia Nauplia£1.99  -  £4.00

Baby Brine Shrimp/ Artemia Nauplia are essential to breeding marine and tropical fresh water fish.

Live Nannochloropsis£1.00  -  £15.99  (1)

Live Marine Micro Algae

The perfect food for Corals, Sponges, Rotifers, etc.

Sea Salt£0.80  -  £6.29

Categories for Freshwater
Live Baby Fish Foods

Live Baby Fish Foods

Paramecia, Microworms, Vinegar Eels, Baby Brine Shrimp and more.
Live Adult Fish Foods

Live Adult Fish Foods

Visit our growing range of live foods for adult fish, frogs, newts and many more.

Grow it Yourself Kits

Grow it Yourself Kits

See our range of "Kits to grow your own supply of live foods for fish, amphibians" and more.

Categories Marines
Live Marine Baby Fish Foods

Live Marine Baby Fish Foods

Foods for marine baby fish, corals, feather dusters etc.

Marine Grow it Yourself Kits

Grow your own supply of marine live foods with our kits.

Marine Phytoplankton

Our selection of Marine Phytoplankton.

If you maintain marine live like corals, sponges and fish, you will not get around without phytoplankton. These floating algae are the live blocks of our oceans and feed the afore mentioned reef live.

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