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Welcome to Moniques Live Fish Foods!

Do you care for your fish? Why not feed them live foods from their natural habitat?

Our cultivated Live Fish Foods help keep your fish fit and happy.

We also stock Flake Fish Foods, Water Conditioners, etc ... to further complement your fish's well being!


Fresh in Stock every Wednesday: Bloodworms, Tubifex, Daphnia, Artemia, River Shrimp and Mysis Shrimp.
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Not just Fish Food: Most of our Live Cultures are also perfect for Education Projects.

Live Fish Foods
Daphnia Magna

Daphnia Magna£1.50

Daphnia Magma

One of the largest species of Daphnia.

Daphnia, 100ml bag

Daphnia, 100ml bag£1.00  -  £26.50

Water Flea

Live Baby Brine Shrimp/ Artemia Nauplia

Live Baby Brine Shrimp/ Artemia Nauplia£1.99  -  £4.00

Baby Brine Shrimp/ Artemia Nauplia are essential to breeding marine and tropical fresh water fish.
Live Bloodworms

Live Bloodworms£1.00  -  £26.50

Live Brine Shrimp/ Artemia Salina

Live Brine Shrimp/ Artemia Salina£1.20  -  £37.50

Adult Artemia

Live Marine Copepods

Live Marine Copepods£1.00  -  £20.00

Live Mysis Shrimp

Live Mysis Shrimp£1.30


Microworms£0.99  -  £3.99

Microworms - Panagrellus Redivivus

180ml Tub Starter

520ml Tub Established

Starter Culture Whiteworms

Starter Culture Whiteworms£1.99  -  £6.50

Whiteworms are tasty treats and can be given to larger fish, newts, frogs and more.

Tadpole Snails, 30 per bag, Mixed Sizes£1.00

Puffer Fish Food

Tubifex, 100ml bag

Tubifex, 100ml bag£2.50  -  £26.50

Live worms from aquaculture in sand.

100ml bag